Women Around The World, a mosaic of feminine impressions and inspiration in times of Corona


In the context of Corona I have taken the initiative to create a series ‘Women around the world, a mosaic of feminine impressions and inspiration in times of Corona.’ I do that on a voluntary basis using the talent I have been given to host essential conversations in different contexts and languages.

The purpose of this series is to give female leaders the possibility to be heard, bring together various points of view from different sectors and co-create a new vision. Please note that a series implies that there is linearity to this conversation. Yet I call it a mosaic of impressions, preferring to see it as a hologram in which various systemic levels of our awareness are shown, as these dialogues will evolve in the next weeks.

Sometimes in leadership development, personal development is amplified as we do realise more and more that true transformation starts from within as a reaction on outside circumstances. Personal awareness of what and how we are sensing and structuring our acting is important and collaboration essential.

This series is a public dialogue with bold women who are prepared to talk about their intuiting and their insights on three levels that reflect the

o personal (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) impact Covid-19 has on them,

o professional (place of work, freedom of movement, choice of place, change in relationship)

o feminine vision of the chance we are being given to reflect on our own life, that of the communities and possibly our global society.

The women interviewed work in he domain of

– Diversity & Inclusion
– Leadership
– Philosophy
– The arts
– Health & Safety
– Coaching

I would like to thank in this context Stéphanie Leonard who at the right time in the right place has encouraged me to hold these essential conversations. I also want to honour the mothers of all the women who have answered straight away to this request for an interview and the millions of mothers who initiated against all odds a new way of life no matter where.

We all stand on their shoulders and we are the result of our shared ancestral lineage in which some dialogues between men and women were held in a loving embrace and others in less loving circumstances.

These life interviews are not reedited, and are published with the trust that they will resonate with that which this Corona Virus wants to bring to our shared consciousness.

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