Cécile P. Masson

Author, Coach & Facilitator

I live with the spirit to honor life. To me this miracle is worth living to the full. That is why I have written Rose, letters of love to life.

In whatever setting I help people to fall in love with life again and to unfold their potential of harmony at work and at home.

I support you to distill your unique gift by becoming more aware of the subtle dialogue that happens between and through your body, mind, and spirit. Dialogue in various forms is at the core of my work.

By tapping into your full potential, you become more stress resistant, flexible and can find solutions to many challenges. That is why some call me a weaver who helps you to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level to bring the change you wish to your personal life or in business. Others call me an artist of life who perceives possibilities where others are stuck.

Since I moved to the Netherlands 25 years ago, I run my own business, which allows me to work in various companies and with people in different languages and settings. No matter what sector or company, I discovered that many are disconnected from their own.

With a gentle provocation here and there, step by step I help you to do the things you do with joy and in a light and focused way. So that you can simply love your life, together with your team or with family and friends.

Where do I do that?

As a polyglot I work internationally either on-line or in-house.
I work with individual clients, government, NGO’s, Multinationals or SME’s and love to team up with like-minded professionals for specific projects.

I am author, advisor & leadership facilitator specialized in feminine leadership.

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Rose letters of love to life is a book about feminine stewardship and leadership that inspires to act for the environment through spiritual awakening and embodiment , making sense of our sensing. A true love letter to life. Coaching Leadership development
mbit master coach, leadership, training. mbraining, Netherland


  • Swiss and Dutch Nationalities
  • Background in the Arts, Multilingualism and Coaching
  • Published author, Rose, letters of love to life
  • After having worked in Marketing & Sales in Paris at Euro Disney and in Zwitserland in the luxury horlogical brand Jeager Le Coulter, Independent consultant for more than 20 years in The Netherlands
  • Clients include: Lavazza, Total, Zeeland Refinery, Lukoil, StGobain, Hanse Staal, Provincie Zeeland, Carrefour, Alliander, Solvay, Government, Government related organisations, NGO’s, NATO, Multinationals, SME’s and individual coaching clients
  • Vice President of The Ashland Institute, Oregon, USA, 2019-2022
  • Member of Advisory Circle to Women Agents of Change
  • Strategic Advisor to Dutch Council of Women, 2018-2021
  • Advisor to Zeeuws Vrouwen Platform (Grassroots organisation of Dutch Council of Women) and local co-initiator of award-winning pilot project ‘De Nieuwe Toekomst’ (The New Future), Zeeland, 2016
  • Co-initiator and facilitator of a regional senior government executive learn and sharing circle 2014-2018
  • Senior Associate Pluribus Global and Co-author of Inclusion Around the Clock, Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion with Pluribus van Isabel Pujol 2013-now
  • European Senior Faculty at CIYO (Coming Into Your Own) International Feminine Leadership Development Program, in four languages, 2013-now

Key Competences

  • Inner Leadership Coaching
  • Multilingualism: Dutch, English, French, Italian and German including international background and work experience
  • Thinking Partner for exploration beyond habitual mind-sets to create innovative systemic approaches and solutions
  • Excellent group dialogue and work facilitating in and from several languages
  • Empowering of women
  • Diversity& Inclusion mind-set and cultural agility
  • Initiating and co-facilitating of change
  • Vision developing
  • Unfolding potential


“De afgelopen jaren kwamen we met een vrouwelijke groep bestuurders regelmatig samen om ervaringen uit te wisselen en een onderwerp uit te diepen. Jij hebt deze bijeenkomsten, met vaak zeer uiteenlopende thema’s, altijd nauwgezet voorbereid en begeleid. Wij bewaren daar zeer goede herinneringen aan en willen je er dan ook heel hartelijk voor danken. Ook zouden wij jou aanbevelen aan iedereen die zoekt naar een deskundige en betrokken coach, die goed luisteren combineert met een grote kennis van zaken en sociaal inzicht.”
Deelneemsters aan de Zeeuwse Vrouwencirkel: Carla Schönknecht, Letty Demmers, Ger van de Velde, Loes Meeuwisse, Jacqueline van Burg, Rian de Feijter en Barbara Oomen

“De passie, zachtheid en inspirerende kracht van Cécile is een prachtige combinatie van trainer-kwaliteiten. Grondig, diepgaand en met een gevoel voor persoonlijke aandacht en verbinding.”

Wilbert Molenaar, Master Trainer mBIT & NLP, Rijen/Breda

“Cecile heeft mij het eerste jaar dat ik wethouder werd begeleid en gestimuleerd om het beste uit mezelf te halen, mijn hoofd en mijn hart te verbinden met mijn daden en de vrouwelijke kant juist toe te laten. Mede dankzij Cecile werd ik me bewust van mijn eigen authentieke leiderschapsstijl en leerde effectiever te communiceren.”

Josephine Elliott



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