The Symbols Way

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The Symbols Way is a unique strategic inquiry and insight process. It helps people refocus their purpose and direction, ground insight around next steps and align with right timing. It leverages the perspective of 4 archetypal leadership stances, provide information and clarity on a challenging life question that involve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level that all have a unique quality of our being..

The Place of Intuition – home to our emotional IQ, where reliable perceptions of critical non-physical factors inform us through our bodies. The ability to stand in one another’s shoes, and our spontaneous playful selves reside here. Our ability to powerfully Follow resides in this area.

The Place of Your Truth – deeply rooted in the earth: practical and honest. Draws clear boundaries, assesses risk and voices what needs to be spoken. Our ability to respectfully Oppose resides here.

The Place of Perspective – the dispassionate overview that can discern cycles and patterns, reframe problems, learn quickly and embrace complexity. Our ability to discern and Bystand is informed by this capacity.

The Place of Vision and Purpose – where one sees through surface disturbance to the benevolent and worthy essence of one’s own self the gifts of others. From here we maintain the sanctity of the core mission of all endeavors, and hold the continuity of past, present and future. Our ability to Move with clarity is born from this stance.

The Symbols Way process. archetype, leadership, ciyo, coming into your own

The Symbols Way process is especially effective for men and women who are in transition and/or are at an impasse in their life. The process offers practical applications to life situations, and is a highly effective tool for strategic clarity to set a sound foundation for action. Using symbols, clients are eventually able to rearrange the factors involved at their present threshold in a way that matches their purpose and needs.

It can be booked as a one off session or as part of a coaching plan.

The process was pioneered and refined in the Coming Into Your own courses worldwide.

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