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Rose letters of love to life is a book about feminine stewardship and leadership that inspires to act for the environment through spiritual awakening and embodiment , making sense of our sensing. A true love letter to life. Coaching Leadership development

Rose, letters of love to life

By Cécile Masson

A literary novel that…

helps you to stay true to yourself, your inner leadership and nature,

“Your book touches me deeply. My heart opens and emotions flood me. The story makes me happy and sad at the same time. After reading this book I decided to live my life to the full and to take a year off from my work.”
Reader from Amsterdam in an international executive position

triggers stewardship,

“So nice. The whole book is so nice. You write like you have lived several lives.”
Swedish man (35)

calls for action,

“Rose is more than a book; it is the start of a movement.”
Various readers

invites stillness,

“Am still. I suck up all the words. They weave a dance in me. They touch on knowing. So much wisdom, so many memories of life in connection with nature, pain as well, (partly of my own life) withdrawn from the essential basics, the wisdom of the elders.”
Workshop participant

helps to sense your full potential,

“Oh this book… could there be more wisdom, more beauty in one book? Tasting, smelling, beholding every word, every sentence is like a flower, written as poetry. Thank you for writing this book filled with words that seem more relevant than ever right now.”
Solo harpist

invites to slow down and taking the time to savor life,

“Just amazing. Truly. I can’t think of a really good metaphor so I’ll go with that it’s like a delicious, rich, dense flourless dark chocolate cake. So rich that I have to savor it slowly. Almost every sentence is a full universe.”
Barbara S.

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