Essential Conversations

Using Appreciative Inquiry & Dialogue

Why is dialogue important today?

More than ever people feel the need to connect in a more purposeful way. The young generations want to be seen and recognized for their individual talents, sensibilities, and potential.

Dialogue allows participants to:

  • tap into the collective intelligence,
  • invite different perspectives to be heard,
  • allow to slow down to accelerate for even better results,
  • invite humbleness to the table,
  • empower unheard voices.

“What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

~ The Little Prince
Antoine De St Exupery

In alignment with the client’s need I design, facilitate, and host interventions that allow personal and collective growth and unfold the potential present in teams and organizations to create sustainable solutions. These interventions might be about freeing the creative or regenerative potential, enhancing a culture of trust to find sustainable solutions, or how to engage employees or stakeholders more fully. This requires the ability to recognize what is needed. 

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The Garden of Rose
Essential Conversations with leaders that encourage generative transformation. 

For doctors, therapists, coaches, Frank Wolff and I developed a two-day workshop that bridges the constellation/systemic work and Cranio Sacral Therapy. An excellent way to open new insights for health professionals to be in dialogue with their patients and invite their client’s self-healing capacity to support their condition and well-being.
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Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
For more than 10 years I work with Pluribus Global delivering awareness trainings and coaching individual leaders. 

Project based
Understanding the vital role dialogue plays in fostering cohesion and mutual understanding within teams is part of leadership skills. Through carefully crafted dialogue sessions, I facilitate interventions on critical themes such as Inclusion (gender and race) and Well-being (mental and emotional). 

“Jullie leiderschap, openheid en kwetsbaarheid hebben me geraakt en gemaakt dat de stof goed ‘binnen komt’.

Niet alleen jullie warme persoonlijkheid, maar ook zeker de opgedane kennis, maken dat ik weer meer geleerd heb over mijn eigen systeem, en een stapje verder ben in het wonderlijke leven.”

Brigit Burer
Participant to the workshop: “De Kunst van Kijken, Voelen en Vragen” Upledger Instituut Nederland, that I co-designed and facilitate with Frank Wolff

These conversations not only cultivate a deeper appreciation for the diverse perspectives within your workforce but also identify strategic opportunities for organizational growth and value addition. Book an essential conversation and embark on a transformative journey.

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