What is mBraining?

mBraining is a wonderful and easy to learn way to unfold your potential, using the multiple intelligences we possess in an effective manner to experience greater wisdom in our lives

Do we really have multiple intelligences?
Humans have always been aware that there is more to us than just a head brain that makes decisions, a set of organs, muscles and bone structure for a body.

We all experienced feelings in both our heart and in our gut. Maybe we listened to them or maybe we ignored them.

In the 21st century many seem to need the scientific evidence to decide whether to believe or accept something as true. In the last few years with modern technology and advances in research by neuroscientists, the evidence has emerged, that we have multiple intelligences and old wisdom traditions are being confirmed as good practice.

In 1857 William James stated:
“The great thing then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our alley as opposed to our enemy.”

So what does that mean?
Would you be interested in leading a life that really suits your temperament and ambitions and make better decisions?

Have you ever felt torn between your feelings, thoughts and actions?

Are you part of a majority who has struggled at some time with internal & possible external conflict?

So how would that feel if you were using all your resources to unfold your potential?

We cannot tell you how that feels but we can help you on the way to finding out how.

So if you would like to make your nervous system your ally or simply are convinced that there is more to life

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Trouble ahead
Over the last few hundred years, the world has been fascinated by science, technology and head based rational thinking. The power of science and its benefits to our lives have driven on-going and accelerating change throughout our society.

Often to our detriment we focused on rational cognition and ignored more traditional heart focused and intuitive gut based ways of knowing. It seems that if we can’t explain something in head based objective terms; we denigrate it or ignore it as being untrue.

Stressful living is one of the many consequences
For many people work life balance has become a major issue as they try and juggle the economics of practical living against the authenticity of doing a job that has real meaning.

It seems many people feel they’re stuck in a situation where no matter what decision they make, it all ends up the same. Decisions appear to take them out of the pan, but end up leading them straight into the fire.

What about you? Is your heart really in the work that you do to make a living?

Knowing in your gut
It is known from ancient Chinese historical records that the great sage Li Shizhen, a famous physician from the Ming Dynasty, was a skilled medical practitioner with a great love for medical books. Now it’s said that in his home town there was a rival physician who was both incompetent and ignorant, but who owned a huge collection of medical books he used to show off his supposed wealth of knowledge.

As the story goes … One day at the end of a long and wet rainy season, the rival doctor ordered his servants to lay out his collection of medical books in the courtyard to dry. Pacing back and forth in front of the collection he primped and preened in an all to obvious display of both himself and his knowledge.

Passing through the courtyard, Li Shizhen stopped, loosened his clothing and dropped down next to the books. The physician, seeing Li Shizhen laying with his belly exposed to the sun, rushed over and asked “Hey what are you doing there?”

Li Shizhen responded, “I also want to get some sunshine for my books.”

His rival asked: “But where are your books then?”

Li patted his belly and said: “All my books are in here.”

Li Shizhen’s humorous yet insightful rejoinder tells us a lot. It talks deeply about how true knowledge depends not on how many books you own, but on how much knowledge you have digested.


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