The voice of Annette Beerens

This is an interview in the series Women around the world, a mosaic of feminine impressions and inspiration in times of Corona

The interview was held in English by Cécile Masson author leadership coach specialised in unfolding potential.

To force longevity is denying that death is part of the circle of life

Annette Beerens has her roots in Canada and now lives in The Netherlands. Annette is a Horticultural Therapist, a leadership coach and a Vision Quest facilitator. She is a mother of an 11-year-old son and considers herself to be a globetrotter.

Annette shares a poem that says much about who she is and that she wrote after having lead a Vision Quest in the desert.


I am translucent

Dissolve into the land

I rise with the stars and fall with the snow

Consumed with the beauty of being

My blood is the muddy water in the jungle

My rage crashes down with the mountain waterfall

My laughter is the blue Jay’s call in the forest

My music is the constant songs of crickets

While thunder rolls in from the Western planes

I dance with the shadows under the desert moonlight

While all creatures chant out loud

Monsters may kidnap me

But my greatest ally will always prevail

Safe am I

In the bountiful embrace of Mother Nature

I am a vessel

I am translucent


Travelling in all dimensions of being is familiar to Annette, yet in the last three years her actual travelling has been hindered by serious illness. Her physical illness has reinforced her awareness that we have no control because we are nature, and nature does what she wants. Life is like an ocean and she has learned to surf the waves. Just now the waves of fear are very present around her yet do not affect her directly as she has by force already met with the other side.

Social distancing shows that eye contact is reinforced and the awareness that we share a common space is reinforced. With that comes the responsibility of the choices we make.

Corona is a wake-up call. As a horticultural therapist she is sensitive to the fact that each living system has its own immune system where health and disease keep each other in balance. Where there is a lack of balance a virus like this one can pop op and great fires ravage like in Australia not that long ago. Big movements in nature compensate and re-establish balance and make us aware of our vulnerability.

It is part of life to be born, to grow up, to live, and maybe fall ill on the way and recover or die which is all part of the mystery of life itself. We are called to live with our divine energy in our body. To force longevity is denying that death is part of the circle of life.

The inertia of lock-down is the stillness we have been forced into. It is the opportunity to reflect on our choices and is a precursor to a new life. A new world can re-emerge.

It is crucial to share our wisdom and observations. More sharing is happening about our physical state than ever before. So how do we care about each other is important.

It is also an opportunity to look at the financial systems in place that are based on ‘Gebakken lucht’ meaning baked air or trade movements with no content. The reflection on creating a different kind of worth is important.

To stimulate each other in show the gift we are being called to share authentically is a vital benefit of this crisis.

To be in contact with the living the experience of our skins touching the wind, the earth or animals is another way of tendering our divine self. That helps our souls to meet in the beauty of our inner worlds and in the living of nature surrounding us as well.

Imagine yourself walking through nature. And as you walk on the earth you massage the skin of the earth. So foot-by-foot you move together with the ground massaging the earth’s skin. If you then direct your attention to your feet you might end up in your own belly where so much of your wisdom hides. Even in a busy tube station you can do the same exercise, as you will end up contacting the center of planet earth.

Even just the imagination of a beautiful landscape is a boost to the immune system. We should never forget to take care of it as a people, as society for the sake of planet earth as a whole.

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