The voice of Amel Murphy

A Mosaic of Feminine Impressions and and Inspiration in times of Corona.

This interview was taken by leadership coach, host and writer Cécile Masson in April and is in English.

Slowing down is the new going fast. We have to find our own rhythm.

Amel introduces herself as a daughter, a sister, a partner, a friend and just a host, that is who she is at this time in her life.

Covid-18 impacted her as an opening, a break free. Raised in different cultures she now is involved in the domain of leadership. In her dark times she learned to appreciate the slowing down. This time invites her to redefine and define her perceptions she had about herself, the world, and her work.

God have mercy!

“As I find my own rhythm, my own gentleness, as I meet my own self I feel at peace. I am greatful to myself, for daring to do the work, for daring to question, for daring not to follow. For daring to actually follow my own voice for that was the one that never died. My flame has always been there and continues to be there and I don’t think that any other can lead me apart of that flame.”

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