to unfold your potential
With my approach all coaching is truly tailor made. My way of working involves body and mind, includes the latest neuroscience based on mBIT and considers the larger systemic context that influences your life.

Coaching is a structured process helping you to move in your (professional) life the way you want. It is helpful when facing:

  • Transitions, career changes, international moving
  • Loss, new phases of life, health issues
  • An internal urge to change things, or to follow a gut feeling
  • External challenges
  • Inner resistance to transformation
  • Obsolete behavioural patterns
  • Confused messages from your head, heart and gut

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You may also consider asking for more specific information on:
Coaching for expats and/or their spouses

This coaching focuses on developing a new sense of self on an international path and helps  to gain an understanding of your unique opportunities, on how to improve relationships and simply develop a sense of wellbeing.

Based on many years working with expats and my own experience I would love to share my insights with you ….

Vision development for impact and advise
Innovative ideas are plentiful. How to apply them in daily work is less obvious. Have you ever wondered why even the greatest ideas produce so little tangible impact? What is the effect if your actions do not correspond with your visionary ideas? Do you have difficulty in decision-making?

Based on many years working with leaders, managers and independent entrepreneurs  I would love to share my insights with you ….

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