Heart, Head & Hands

If you would like to experience how mBIT and Coming Into Your Own apply to your own life, take the time to watch this free webinar of Pluribus on the topic “Heart, Head and Hands (gut), the three different brains in our bodies and that are part of our own “inner diversity of intelligences”. The former Lion King Producer and director of Fly Loft Group Nicola Steckler shares concrete examples of how the various intelligences of head heart and hands have translated into her daily theatre work.  And be surprised how the spontaneity of Lena Lodzinkska from Coach Inside Out brings mindfulness alive to enhance wise decision-making. We share insights on how listening to our gut feeling, being true to our hearts and embracing the challenges ahead creatively, can be the way forward to having an embodied leadership.

Rose, an eighty-four-year-old lady questions in her letters to her ex-lover, the traditional way of relating to nature, to her own body and spirituality and discloses her most intimate thoughts on time passing by. The various characters echo the struggles of her own generation and that of her children and grandchildren and reflect how life itself has formed her emerging wisdom. 
Her deep love of nature’s diversity, mirrored in humankind, develops throughout the book. Rose, letters of love to life, is a wonderful and fascinating epistolary novel that invites the reader to sense rather than think and is an open invitation to slow down and get personal again.

To read on inclusion practices, acquire the inspiring book of the Pluribus network of facilitators where you will find the chapter “Head, heart and hands”, by Cécile P. Masson on embodied leadership, and contributions by 12 other facilitators on various aspects that reflect our passion for inclusion.

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