Women Around The World: Stéphanie Leonard

La Voix de Stéphanie Leonard

From power to presence

Stéphanie Leonard is an independent Consultant based in the region of Paris under the name aimotion. This interview is in French:

The essence of the conversation

Stéphanie shares how the Corona Virus is impacting her directly as an entrepreneur and mother. Just now, end of March, she is still in the phase of ‘inhabiting her time’ in a calmer way. Staying at home means that she has the time to do the administration, cleaning out the house and take the time to cook a nice French meal that she then shares with her family accompanied by a good conversation. With other words this virus Covid-19 gives her also the chance to honour traditions of la douce France including the Christian and Jewish tradition of a spring clean that prepares us for Easter.

She points out that she is in a privileged position as she has a partner that from the very start of their relationship and parenthood has shared the tasks of the household and is used to take up a broom when necessary. However in many households this is not the case and indeed since the outbreak of Corona domestic violence in France has risen to 36% according to Stéphanie. This abrupt call to stand still is a great challenge to find new ways of co-habiting our time together and brings out the best and the worst in people.

She points out that she would prefer not talking from a feminist point of view. Rather then thinking in terms of conspiracy and opposites she would prefer to move inwards to see what would like to emerge from the inside out to impact positively herself, her direct family and the wider community. Yet collectively and systemically also look at what would like to emerge for the individual, the local and the global community.

She would rather speak of feminine or masculine energy present is both women and men to start a different conversation in the privacy of our homes or in the communities. She sees a co-responsibility of couples, independently of gender, to redefine the tasks.

Suggestions one: She suggests that we collectively look at the tasks at hand. When for instance domestic or entrepreneurial tasks need to be shared she used to say: ‘who would like to help me with …’ Today she would say: ‘This and this needs to be done, who picks up what?’

Suggestion two: Female experts in the media are greatly missed and she would appreciate if more expert women would speak up.

Suggestion three: Redefining leadership that is often associated to the notion of power, to a notion of presence. Had she a magic wand she would like to invite each individual to realise how s/he can positively impact self and others and to dare being present and take responsibility.

31.03.20 Interview by Cécile Masson

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