Women Around The World: Stella Litton

Stella Litton is a generatieve mBraining master coach.

This interview by Cécile Masson, Coach host and writer of Rose, letters of love to life was held on the 14th of April in English.

The essence of the exchange

Step forward wisely from a state of inner alignment

Women have a vital role to play. The feminine role is very different from the male role and it should take centre stage now.

Rebalancing the division of workload in business and in the home is key.

Using the full range of the physically present intelligences that are not only found in the head but also in the heart and gut can be of added value to inform any gender dialogue.

Care and self-compassion should also be part of our daily routine to appreciate guttural signals that indicate boundaries. Appreciating our body is vital to make wiser decisions, be that for women or men.

Stella reads from the book, Rose letters of love to life.

“I want to find a way to be a working woman contributing to the world of business with all the femininity I have in me. If all the talents women are making such an effort to hide worldwide could be liberated, not only would business benefit from it in terms of turnover but also the entire economy would take a very different turn. Maybe it is that paradigm shift which is so much needed to make this world a better place.”

This book is highly suited also for men. Men should also be more honest with themselves as a brother, father, husband or employer and ask themselves the following questions.

· Am I treating the women around me equally?

· Am I really honouring their birth right or paying lip service to it?

· What actions am I taking?

By dropping down into our bodies rather than staying in the head we sense what is really important for us now in these times of uncertainties and ask ourselves: what do we truly desire? And breath for that is an anchor.

Initiative and interview were taken by generative leadership mBraining coach and Trainer Cécile Masson

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