Women Around The World: Daniëlle Doeve

De stem van Daniëlle Doeve

Daniëlle Doeve is founder and owner of two businesses. One is called Hartskracht, (The power of the heart) which offers systemic coaching, family and organizational constellation work. The other is called HeartFire. She runs it with her husband Jeroen van Kemenade. Together they organise heart-opening concerts. To Daniëlle Music is Medicine. She is a faculty in the Feminine Leadership Program Coming Into Your own. Daniëlle has the rare gift to discover new voices that move the heart, and her inner wisdom is based on a life journey that has know many challenges. It does take a brave heart to meet the dark sides of the severe mental illness of her mom and to keep the light of love shine no matter what.

This interview was taken 6 April in Dutch and for the full conversation you may go to this link https://youtu.be/RtlLuC4GWMM

Essence of the exchange

The abrupt stop of all her business activities has shaken her and many others. She faced fear and she shares how she daily practices to stay well rooted in her body, in her own breathing not to let the head take off on its own. Nature and rituals are most important and she stresses how important it is to take distance of the outer turbulence to feel the inner centre that resonates with the greater wisdom that surrounds us to keep resilient and focused.

She shares that if there could be a deeper meaning to Corona, it is the honouring

o of our own mother,

o honouring of self,

o honouring the feminine in both men and women,

o honouring our earth,

so that we return to a world that is in balance and in harmony and that can give life to everyone and everything that lives on it.

We are not bigger than “Mother Earth”. Humility is in order.

She tells of the Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness.

Ho’oponopono: I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

It all starts within. It does take courage to enter that path. It is the journey we are on now collectively, the inward journey.

Also for men this path of turning inwards is important. The male energy is so necessary to support and hold the feminine, for the world of humanity to come back into balance. How beautiful could it be if men would stand in a circle around the feminine, and say, ok women it’s time, you know, it’s time to show up authentically and to bring back balance to this earth.

Over a few months? I hope that people have really come into contact with themselves and their dear ones, with what is really important to them and have clarity of what their contribution could be.

– “What can I actively bring to this world instead of being on autopilot?”

– “What are the choices I am making with regards to living life more consciously?”

– “Why am I here on this earth? What do I have to bring?”

If we keep running, there is no time for reflection. Daniëlle hopes that this virus will wake us all up and contributes to this waking-up together with others.

Interview taken by Cécile Masson

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