Women Around The World: Béa Bieber

Die Stimme von Béa Bieber

Since more than thirty years Béa Bieber is politically active in the German part of Switzerland. She is specialised in the social domain advising municipalities and care institutions on how to create, structure, and lead child care facilities. For more information on her person you may visit her personal website www.beabieber.ch

This interview was taken on the April 8th in English and Swiss German as part of the series ‘Women around the world, a mosaic of feminine impressions and inspiration in times of Corona.’

In essence

Learning to sense differently to cultivate meaningful relationships

Béa notices that Corona invites her to work in different ways and to analyse a situation from a distance rather than being in direct contact with colleagues or sensing whether a physical space is suitable for children or not. This is a challenge she will need to learn and work with. When asked she confirms that much communication on which trust is build happens when meeting face to face and the kinaesthetic aspect of an encounter is something she is missing. However this encourages her to chose her words more carefully when meeting in digital ways with political colleagues. The lack of touch she would not necessarily call pain, but certainly an extra challenge that many face during this lock-down.

Because her colleagues in politics and in the municipalities are all in crisis management they are also happier to exchange knowledge, support and find solutions together. The great challenge for all, on national, regional or municipality level was to assemble some reliable facts to formulate clear guidelines and advise for all the institutions and organisations they are serving. Because of the crisis and the urgency however, there is much more readiness to collaborate. This crisis highlighted that coaching and advice will continue beyond this crisis to be very important and knowledge and know-how will need to be shared more openly with all.

This crisis shows a rising of drug and alcohol addiction and domestic violence. In many fields more coaching will be needed well beyond this crisis. Domestic violence is present throughout society in all parts of CH yet the confinement is challenging many on a very personal level. Education is of great importance on how to become more resilient to stress.

The care sector will need to be re-evaluated. Without a well-organised care-sector any society cannot cope with a crisis. To her it is not enough to clap hands, even though greatly appreciated, the appreciation should continue after the crisis in re-valuing these professions.

What we now sense and learn should be taken into consideration in the long run. The process of developing consciousness to learn and grow from this crisis will depend on all and will be needed. How many people really will want change, will be of great importance.

People are getting more sensitive, and are intuiting that a new way of doing things will emerge on personal level and also collectively.

The home schooling is another aspect Béa is raising attention to. The aspect of equality in accessing schooling and education is clearly very different depending on the home situation, marginalising certain groups of society more than necessary. Specific care and focus will need to be kept to ensure equal chances for all, which is a democratic right.

Diversity of teams are essential in these times, not only gender, also cultural background, language, etc. We do need diversity in teams to find sustainable solutions.

A virus is not an enemy one can declare the war to what some masculine world leaders are proposing. The feminine leaders have a very different take on the virus, mainly to educate and empower the weakest of society.

However a feminist leader is not necessarily a woman, some men have the quality needed to create a more balanced approach to politics and economy.

Self-care and appreciation of personal needs are important to contribute in positively to decision making in all realms of life. We are together in this, and not alone, even if it might sometimes feel like that.

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