Personal Stewardship

Falling in love with your personal & professional life again

Leading a purposeful life as professionals, political or business leader, can be an exciting and journey of self-discovery and transformation. Some can find it challenging to simply show up as who they are especially in high performance environments. 

To improve any situation in personal or in business life the change starts within just like life unfolds from the inside out. When you align your purpose with your essence, I have witnessed many times that colleagues, partners or relatives have benefited from it, and within days even on a distance.

Why book a session with me?

I would be happy to help you fall in love with life again.

Great life changing situations such as international moving, emigration, parenthood, illness, and loss of dear ones have taught me how precious your time and life is. Therefore I will give you my full attention.

My focus when working with you is to help you unfold your new potential by inviting you to discover a range of viewpoints, discern patterns that might have out served their purpose and replace them with new habits. I invite you to recover or strengthen your sense of self through practices that help you make sense of your sensing. With a tailored structure I help you to develop a set of skills to find clarity in your decision making, more ease in challenging situations and generally find a healthy work-life balance. I do that by merging old wisdom traditions with the latest of neuroscience based on my professional trainings and many years of working with people from various backgrounds. This helps you to cultivate personal stewardship and lead a life of purpose.

I offer you my full attention in French, Italian, Dutch, and English. If you are (Swiss) German speaking feel free to reach out as well. I grew up in Zürich in Switzerland and understand German perfectly.

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