unfolding potential


Experiencing personal and professional transitions and making important decisions can be difficult, fear provoking and exceptionally demanding. If you are interested in what the latest findings in neuroscience and ancient wisdom traditions have to offer read more…


Diversity is a fact of life and to welcome its riches is a conscious act and a choice for life.

So how lively would you like your company, organization or team to be? Have you thought of the potential that could unfold by including various approaches, creative expressions and cultural insight in finding solutions that fit the needs of today’s global development?  And what about including yourself in the conversation? Here you are included….


Leading is a verb that can be conjugated in many ways, as political, corporate and entrepreneurial leaders I work with, confirm.  Have you ever wished to lead from an inner knowing that is well aligned with you core values? Would you like to discover how to increase your intuitive abilities and generate wiser decision-making in your daily life? Would you like to broaden your leadership skills?

To explore how we fuse ancient wisdom traditions and numerous practical and easy to learn methods, that tap into the innate intelligences of your multiple brains. I invite you to read on….


Some of the organisations consultant Cécile P. Masson worked with in the last two decades


  1. CIYO UK

    5 April - 7 April


In Dialogue with Myself

A Treat for CIYO Faculty and Alumni Sep 24 2019 Hotel Coso del Mar in Valencia Faculty and alumni join us for an inspiring, transformative and playful open program in Valencia.

Coming Into Your Own, Leiderschapsretraite voor Vrouwen

30 September – 3 Oktober 2018, Centrum Athanor in Lochem Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) is een persoonlijk en een professioneel leiderschapsprogramma voor vrouwen. De retraite biedt de gelegenheid tot herbronnen, reflectie en herijking en helpt je om opnieuw focus te bepalen voor het volgende...


“Life is the dance of unfolding potential: beautiful in its diversity, strong in its pursuit of excellence and magnificent to witness and be part of.” Cécile Masson