Collective Stewardship

From leadership to stewardship

These last months with the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns many shifts are happening in the collective consciousness that ask for a different approach. The energy that is needed today is the energy of nurturing and taking care of our cultures and the planet in a different way. Stewardship is the new leadership.

The programs I offer are designed to develop adaptive, and generative personal leadership & stewardship qualities. 

The collective leadership & stewardship practices taught are based on the merging of old wisdom traditions and the latest in neuroscience and my 20+ years’ work experience working with leaders from various countries and disciplines. 

They enhance your personal inner leadership development and nurture the collective understanding of leadership challenges. Today’s challenging times need more than ever individual female leaders who also know how to lead together by enhancing each other’s strengths.

  • Participants will walk away with an understanding of their own leadership preference, keys for self-management and self-development based on self-acceptance.
  • Get to know different leadership frames that help navigate workplace challenges that enable to stand for own truth and lead with impact.
  • Practice self-reflection and develop a compassionate, courageous and creative mindset that is needed in today’s world.

Rose letters of love to life is a book about feminine stewardship and leadership that inspires to act for the environment through spiritual awakening and embodiment , making sense of our sensing. A true love letter to life. Coaching Leadership development

Letter of Love to Life

This journey is based on the insights I got when writing my novel Rose, Letters of Love to Life. It helps you to reclaim your unique contribution and craft your personal letter of love to life.

“Cécile Masson crafted a very powerful personal and leadership experience. By weaving a web built of presencing – meditation and reflection exercises intermingled with her innate life wisdom, she invited us to explore and give form to our own ‘letter of love to life’. The program is built on a solid design yet has the fluidity to adapt to the audience – making it feel tailored to you as a participant. For all those women that want to reconnect with self and set a path – this is a very worthwhile investment.”
M. van Langendonck

“Cécile holds space with such tenderness and generosity. She has a graceful wisdom which is a rare find. I was deeply touched by the Letters of Love to Life process and heartily recommend this journey to anyone looking for a deeper connection to her purpose. Thank you Cécile for your loving presence”. 

“I just needed a holding space with feminine energy for that period, which is exactly what I got. I didn’t know what to expect beyond that, but I enjoyed the nurturing space that allowed for deep reflection and connections with others who were strangers to me before we started.

You brought us together and held the space beautifully, allowing us all to open and bloom under the care and nurture of each participant. Your interventions and coaching were always spot on. This was a great container for me over the last few months!”

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Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) is a worldwide professional and personal leadership program for women who want to follow their heart and are ready to live their full potential.

Corporations such as BP, The World Bank, Intel, Boeing, EDF, Carrefour, Cargill and Sodexo have encouraged female employees to participate in the CIYO.

Independent entrepreneurs, woman in public sector, artists, homemakers, and woman in transition have also experienced lasting benefits of this program.

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